The revamped and rebooted edition of the book that started it all with more than 18 million reads on Wattpad is now available!

Life's a Witch book coverLife's a Witch is available now! Order your copy here.

This witch lives a charmed life…
Hadley’s the envy of every girl—and the desire of every guy. But being at the top of the social pyramid has its drawbacks. Hadley’s always kept her frenemies close and her secrets closer—one big secret in particular. Her key to magically having it all is that she’s an actual witch.
As a descendant of the first woman executed in the Salem Witch Trials, Hadley understands the consequences if her secret gets out. The only ones who know about her powers are members of her coven—other kids and parents who, like Hadley’s own family, have magic in their blood. But there’s no way to cover up an attack that causes every adult in the coven to vanish. All the evidence points to an age-old rival coven as the culprit. Now it’s up to Hadley to lead the young witches against the Parrishables and to rescue their missing parents. At the same time, she’s caught up in her feelings for a mysterious guy named Asher, who has plenty of secrets of his own. With everything at stake, can Hadley trust her magic—and her heart?

Our favorite twitches return in this spellbinding sequel!

TWIB coverThe Witch is Back will be available January 21, 2014! Pre-order your copy here.

It's been a trying year for teen witch Hadley Bishopshe led her coven into battle against the Parrishables and lost her mother in a surprise attack. Now that the Parrishables and their leader, Samuel Parris, have been defeated, Hadley is looking forward to a relaxing, love-filled summer with her boyfriend Asher Astley. Hadley's summer plans take an unexpected turn though when she and her coven head off to a witchy summer intensive. Once there, Hadley immediately finds herself in a power struggle with Brooklyn Sparks. Like Hadley, Brooklyn is gorgeous and popular, and she's also...Asher's ex? As if this news isn't enough to rattle Hadley, there are rumors of a rogue witch in the woods, and someone is playing dangerous pranks around camp. Hadley suspects that Brooklyn is behind the pranks, but is she willing to risk losing her friends and Asher to prove it? In this electrifying sequel to LIFE'S A WITCH, Hadley will discover that love is more powerful than any spell—but it comes at a price.

Enjoy the magical charm of this prequel/spin-off of Life's a Witch!

What the Spell book coverWhat the Spell? is on sale now! Order your copy here.

Brooklyn Sparks is invisible.
Because she’s not a popular kid or an ubernerd, Brooklyn is stuck somewhere in the middle of the high school food chain. But all of that is about to change. On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Brooklyn comes of age as a witch. Her strict parents finally unbind her powers, and along with giving herself an instant makeover, Brooklyn discovers her true gift: She was
born into a line of magical matchmakers. After spending so
long being overlooked, Brooklyn’s getting exactly what she wants, including entrée into the elite crowd and her crush’s undivided attention. But there’s a price to pay. The use of
her powers puts Brooklyn in the same dangerous position
as her Salem ancestors—if anyone finds out who she really
is and what she can do, her life is over. Now that she has everything she’s ever wanted, Brooklyn has everything
to lose.

Do you remember your first kiss? I bet it was nothing like this...

Kiss and Sell coverKiss & Sell is on sale now! Order your copy here.

Arielle Sawyer is freaking out because she's the last in her class to be kissed. Frustrated and wanting to get it over with, she and her friends decide to sell her first kiss on eBay! Suddenly, this former wallflower finds herself the focus of everyone's attention. But as her popularity grows and her friendships start to weaken, Arielle finds herself wondering why she put the post up in the first place. In the end, there will be a winner, but will Arielle's first kiss be everything she's ever dreamed of?

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